How does maternity care work?

The composition of a maternity care package depends on the situation and care needs of the client. During the intake interview, which takes place around 34e Week of pregnancy, the number of hours at which the entitlement is determined. Of course, more hours can always be taken if desired. The indicated hours can range from 24 to 49 hours.

A reassessment is made during the maternity period. The situation is being looked at at that time. The expert judgment of the Midwife is also taken into account.


About three months before the due date we will contact you to schedule an intake interview. We find the personal contact very important, so all the intakes are done by us at home. The care coordinator then comes along to determine according to the LIP (National Indication protocol) How many hours of care your family needs.

The conditions that a family must meet will also be discussed. Think of conditions that guard a health-care work environment of the maternity nurse, but also we will pass on the necessities that you need to take with you. If you have specific requests, please indicate this.

Appointments can be made about childbirth and the maternity season. If there are specific needs and/or uses to which a maternity nurse should be taken, you can indicate this. We want to offer the care that you expect from us.

Mother & Child Maternity Package

Checkups & Care for the new mother

  • Checks are performed at least once a day.
  • Help the new mother.


Checkup and care for the baby

  • Checks are performed at least once a day.
  • Baby care, for example bathing the baby.


Assisting in feeding the baby (breastfeeding and/or formula)

  • At least one feeding is attended for observation and for possible guidance.
  • Support is provided in special situations.
  • (Sterilize) Feeding material.
  • To prepare the artificial formula together with the mother and/or partner.



  • The maternity dossier is filled in and kept daily.
  • Hours are filled in daily and signed by the client.
  • The evaluation form will be completed by the client at the end of the week and will be returned in the enclosed envelope. The client will fill in this form.


Cleaning of toilet and bathroom

  • The toilet is cleaned daily.


Domestic work

Care is taken for a clean living environment of mother and child (baby and maternity room).

Mother & Child Extra Maternity Package

All of Mother & Child maternity package with the following extras:

Domestic work (optional)

  • Prepare breakfast/Lunch.
  • Doing laundry
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • A clean living area, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. are provided.
  • Daily necessary shopping if necessary!
  • The maternity nurse takes on the role of hostess.

ALL-in maternity package

All of Mother & Child Extra Maternity package with as extra:

Domestic work (optional)

  • For Preparation of the evening meal.