At Joy Maternity Care we believe in the power of Mother Nature. With this dedication we want to encourage all mothers to breastfeed. Not only our faith is our motive, but it is also scientifically proven that there is no better food than the mother’s milk for the first six months.

There are countless benefits to breastfeeding, but the health aspect is most appealing to us. If you want to know more, please visit the site of Here you will find all information about breastfeeding, free leaflets, nice tips, but also recipes.

Please notify us if you want to breastfeed or if you think about it. We have clear information about breastfeeding. It is nice to inform yourself about it in advance so you know what to expect.


At the end of your pregnancy it is useful to do a breastfeeding course. What do you learn exactly at breastfeeding course? The following topics are almost always addressed:
  • How is breast milk created?
  • What happens just after your baby is born? Is the baby looking for the breast or should you help?
  • How can I see that my baby is hungry?
  • How to get your baby to latch? What are the different breastfeeding poses and how can your partner help?
  • How often and how long do I have to let my baby latch?
  • Explanation of the maternity week. How does breastfeeding get started, when do you gain momentum, what are the right days?
  • Day and night rhythm of your baby
  • How many wet diapers should your baby have, how can you tell that your baby is getting enough milk and that your breasts are empty?
  • What can you eat as a (new) mother at best (and what not)?
  • How do you flask, which flask is right for you?
  • Keep milk, how do you do it? How do you feed a baby with breast-feeding and/or formula milk?
Once a month, the AMC’s obstetrics centre holds an information gathering on breastfeeding. This meeting is intended for pregnant women, their partner, mother or girlfriend. Signing up for these free information evenings can be by telephone at the maternity ward or at the clinic obstetrics. Telephone Number: 020-566 3553.


Here you will find an overview of meetings for nourishing mothers, even if you do not feed you are very welcome. An initiative that is supported by volunteers of Association breastfeeding of course, La Leche League and lactation consultants. Meetings are usually free, sign up not necessary, consumptions for own account.

Breastfeeding guidelines

These guidelines have been developed for care providers who are dealing with parents of healthy infants who want to breastfeed. The guidelines supports in informing, stimulating and advising these parents about breastfeeding healthy infants. This is used to optimize the breastfeeding process.

The starting point of these guidelines is the WHO position that breast milk is the optimal diet for infants and young children. In drafting these guidelines, breastfeeding (and not artificial infant formula) has been used as a starting point. The current guidelines can now be found at