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For detailed information about maternity care and the preparations for childbirth, you can download our information brochure.

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The full terms of delivery for members of BO birth care can be downloaded here.

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Shortened delivery conditions:

Joy Maternity Care uses the national indication Protocol (LIP) maternity care. The number of care hours that are ultimately delivered to you depends on your family circumstances, the course of pregnancy and childbirth. All customers are at least eligible for mother and child care. For the intake and indication, you will be contacted from 6 weeks before the probable childbirth date.

In case of assistance of the midwife in a home or hospital delivery, we always charge at least three hours of maternity care. If the assistance lasts longer than three hours, the actual delivered hours will be charged.

Cancellation can be done in writing or by telephone. In case of cancellation before the start of the care, only acceptance will follow on the basis of a medical indication or exceptional situations, the latter for the assessment of the organisation. In These cases no costs are payable. If cancellation is made before the start of the care without the organisation having a justified reason for it, the client shall be the costs incurred until that moment with a minimum of the sum of the registration, care agreements and administration Due. In case of cancellation during the duration of the care at your own request, the client owes the costs of the planned care.

During the care provision, the guidelines as specified in the Law on Health and SAFETY (working conditions) are fully applied. In situations where working conditions pose a short or long-term risk to the health care provider, in order to assess the organisation, the care provision may be interrupted.

If a health care provider is confronted by or by a client with sexual harassment, violence, aggression and/or discrimination in any way whatsoever, this may be a reason for immediate termination of the care provided to this client. After the notification received, the organisation will conduct an investigation and take measures to prevent recurrence.

In the above situations, a declaration will always be made to the police. Upon termination of the care for the above reasons, it will be considered as cancellation at its own request and the planned care hours shall be charged.

Joy Maternity care is affiliated with the Litigation Committee nursing, nursing and birth care