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Congratulations with the seed of the womb! This must be a very exciting moment  and a moment filled with much expectations for you. This is also a period which require some important arrangements such as obtaining Maternity leave and other preparations to welcome the new born in terms of shopping for baby items. But first and foremost, what you NEED is  a maternity care that will safeguard you through pregnancy, delivery and care of the baby after delivery. One that is suitable for you as well as your family, you need a maternity care that is most likely to be in tune with your culture. 

 Joy Kraamzorg is your port of call! Joy Maternity care is an organization endowed with professional nurse-midwives that will help you through your unique journey of procreation. Our care begins from your time of pregnancy and not necessarily within a period of one week after birth, ensuring that you and your baby have an unforgettable and wonderful experience of child birth.

You are welcome to take a tour on our website and discover our capabilities and what makes our care extraordinary. We also provide any information you need to know during your pregnancy. Signing up with  Joy Kraamzorg brings you directly into the hands of highly skilled and experienced nurse midwives you can always bet on to win.






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